• Minerals Refining

    Carvataro Refining Ltd continually invests in improving its technology to enhance the capabilities of its processes and this effort has paid off in improved operational efficiencies.

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     Minerals Refining in Africa
  • Mineral Dealers

    Our marketplace evaluation of your mineral is based on the daily gold, silver, palladium, and platinum prices in conjunction with the quantity and quality of your material and analytical criteria.

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     Gold Dealers in Kampala,Uganda
  • Minerals Smelting

    The smelting operation is overseen by employees with requisite skills and material is processed in an upgraded, well ventilated arc furnace that complies to statutory requirements.

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     Minerals Smelting in East Africa

Carvataro Refinery

Minerals Refining in AfricaCarvataro Refining Ltd provides its customers with a full seven metal separation of gold, silver, platinum.

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Mineral Dealers

Mineral Dealers in UgandaCarvataro Refining Ltd is one of the premier sources for various mineral metals such as Gold,Silver,tantalite.

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